2013 Topics and Programs

Natural Resources/ Energy (12)

Shale Gas Development

Energy Strategy

Energy Security in the Western Hemisphere

US Foreign Policy and Energy Security

Shale Gas - Ukraine

U.S. Energy Issues

Water Resource Management

Water Management in the US

U.S. - Japan Alliance in a Regional Context & in Relation to Energy issues

Building with Clean Energy Technologies (VVP-Japan)

Parks, Biodiversity and Ecotourism Management in the U.S.

Ms. Fatima Ouali- Decision Making Processes in U.S. Energy Policies


Domestic & Foreign Policy Issues (2)

US Foreign Policy Challenges II

Insights on America- An Overview of US Politics, Society, Culture and History


Business and Entrepreneurship (5)

Women in Trade and Entrepreneurship

Accountability in Government and Business in the U.S.

A New Beginning- Entrepreneurs

Changemakers Social Entrepreneurship

U.S. Trade Policy: Increasing American Competitiveness


Mutual Understanding (5)

Advocacy and Change in the U.S.Social Integration in a Multi-Cultural Society

Integrating Minorities: Ms. Veronique Lefrancq

Disability Issues - African Regional Project


Governance & Rule of Law (9)

Transparency and Accountability in Government

Transparency in Federal, State and Local Government

Mr Benjamin Angel – Government and Banking

Mr. Giannis Ragkousis- Transparency and Ethics in Government

Public Interest Law and Pro Bono Legal Services

NGO ManagementUS Constitutional Law

US Political System - Background for Journalists

Rule of Law 


Human Rights (2)

Foreign Policy and Human Rights

Combating Trafficking in Persons


Gender (2)

Women in Action - "Women in Politics"

Women in Action - "Women in Economic Leadership"


Journalism and Communications (5)

Investigative Journalism

Intersection Between Government Communications and the Press in the US

Mr. Axel Gylden – Foreign Media Correspondent

Murrow Journalists

United National Environmental Program – Environmental Journalism


Youth Development (3)

Youth and Community Conflict Resolution

Young Leaders RISE: Renew, Inspire, Serve, Empower

Chris Stevens Youth Leadership Network – Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Youth Programs


Education (2)

Secondary Education

University Leadership for Social and Economic Development, Yemen

American Corners