2014 Topics and Programs

Natural Resources/ Energy (8)

Urban Sustainability

Climate Change Resiliency

Transparency in the Oil Industry

Green Growth and Climate Change

Energy Security for the 21st Century

Climate Change and Renewable Energy

US Foreign Policy and Energy Security

Renewable Energy Management


Domestic & Foreign Policy Issues (7)

Protecting Wildlife and People

Food Safety and Food Security

Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management

US Agricultural Policy Formation

Current Social, Political, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders

Strengthening Environmental Regulations/Protection and Biodiversity

Public Health in the US: Grassroots Organizations and Outreach


Business and Entrepreneurship (6)

Regional Economic Development

Innovative Entrepreneurship and Technology

US Business Environment for Officials from State Government and Trade Associations

Science Technology and Innovation

The Role of Trade Unions in Community Alliance Building

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development


Mutual Understanding (3)

Volunteerism in the US

America's Multiethnic Society and the Role of the Successor Generation

NGO Management in the US

Governance & Rule of Law (7)

US Judicial System

Rule of Law and Judicial Reform

International Crimes Issues

Children in the Justice System

Law Enforcement and Community Policing

Combating Trafficking in Persons

Transparency and Accountability in Government


Human Rights (2)

Disability Rights in America: Municipality Challenges and Responses

Advocacy and Inclusiveness for the Disabled


Gender (6)

Women Leaders: Promoting Peace and Security

Role of NGOs in Promoting Global Women's Issues

Combating Gender-Based Violence

International Women of Courage Project

Promoting Women's Issues in the Political System

Education and Activism for Young Women


Journalism and Communications (6)

Journalism Education: Developing Media Independence and Freedom

Conflict Sensitive Reporting

Responsible and Professional Journalists

Media and Government Transparency in America

Investigative Journalism

Ethics and Professionalism in Journalism


Youth Development (2)

Engaging Youth through Performing Arts

Youth Leaders: Influential Voices


Education (2)

Strengthening Citizen and Civic Education

Advancing Civic Engagement and Leadership