2015 Topics and Programs

Governance & Rule of Law (11)

American Corners 

Rule of Law and Judicial Reform 

Promoting Good Governance and Transparency

Transparency and Accountability    

Women as Political Leaders 

Women as Political and Social Leaders   

Engaging Citizenry through Social Media    

Strengthening Civil Society     

Rule of Law and Administrative Justice   

U.S Foreign Policy

Young Political Economic Leaders                                                                                      


Domestic & Foreign Policy Issues (5)

Combating International and Organized Crime 

Understanding the U.S. Drug Control Policy and Demand Reduction Efforts

HIV/ AIDS Education and Prevention 

Wounded Warrior Assistance

Statistics in the U.S.  


Business and Entrepreneurship (10)

Risk and Crisis Management in the U.S.

Pathways to Sustainable Development- Balancing Economic Growth 

Scaling Digital Technology Startups 

U.S. Entrepreneurship 

The Impact of Social Entrepreneurship in the U.S. 

Risk Management in Adventure Tourism

Museum Management in the U.S 

Empowering European Youth through Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development 

Strengthening an Entrepreneurial Culture 



Education (4)

Workforce Development through Community College 

Textbook and Curriculum Design 

Advocacy and Education for At-Risk Youth 

Education in the Digital Age 



Human Rights (7)

Defending Women's Rights 

Enhancing the Lives of People with Disabilities

Health and Social Issues 

Trafficking in Person 

Disability Issues 

Addressing the Needs of Under-Served and At-Risk Youth 

Combating Trafficking in Persons 


Gender (6)

Capacity Building to Empower Girls

Defending Women's Rights

Ending Gender Based Violence

Reporting on Gender Based Violence  

Women Leaders Promoting Peace and Security 

Women as Community Leaders 


Language/ Culture (2)

The American Language II Connecting English Teachers to US History and Culture

Faith and Service in the U.S. 


Natural Resources/ Energy (8)

Forging Local-Level Clean Energy Partnership

Climate Change Adaptation and Infrastructure Planning 

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation 

Sustainable Cities 

Climate Change and Renewable Energy 

Sustainable Urban Development 

Power Infrastructure Projects 

Parks and Protected Area Management in the U.S. 


Agriculture (2)

Agricultural Development Farm to Table

Youth Agricultural Outreach and Extension 


Journalism and Communications (4)

Broadcast Journalism in the U.S. 

Information Technology and Communication 

Investigative Journalism 

Journalism and U.S Foreign Policy