2016 Topics and Programs

Governance & Rule of Law (11)

Airport Administration 

U.S. Electoral Process and Campaigns

U.S. Primary Elections  

Transparency and Accountability 

Accountability in Government 

State and Local Governments 

Understanding Public Opinion

The U.S. Judicial System  

Accountability and Combating Corruption 

Legal Education and Strengthening the Role of Defense Attorneys 

The U.S. Political Process in an Election Year 


Domestic & Foreign Policy Issues (9)

U.S. Foreign Policy Challenges

Global Government to Government Relations 

Strong Cities 

The Hague Convention on International Adoption 

National Security in the Space Domains 

Community Development and Conflict 

Global Leadership in International Aviation 

Current U.S. Political, Economic and Social Issues

Government Decentralization  


Business and Entrepreneurship (7)

The Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Restructuring Economies

Supporting Netizens 

Eco-Tourism for Small Communities 

Entrepreneurship and Start-up Development 

Managing Effective Volunteer Organizations 

NGO Management 

Technology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp


Human Rights (6)

Combating Trafficking in Persons 1/2 

Volunteerism in the U.S. 

Access to Justice for Vulnerable Populations 

NGO Management in the U.S. 

Addressing Needs of Under-Served and At-Risk Youth 

Combating Extremism and Discrimination Through the Arts 


Natural Resources/ Energy (5)

Energy and Minerals 

Energy Security and Renewable Energy 

Modernizing the Energy Matrix 

Increasing Energy Efficiency in Iraq 

Algeria Renewable Energy Efficiency Project 


Gender (8)

Women in Political and Social Sectors

Global Women's Health Issues 

Women Political Leaders 

Best Practices in Reducing Gender-Based Violence 

Role of NGO's in Promoting Global Women's Issues 

African Women's Entrepreneurship Program

Understanding Transgender Issues in the U.S. 

Women and Politics 


Journalism/ Communications  (2)

Broadcast Journalism 

Political Use of Traditional and Social Media