2017 Topics and Programs

Governance & Rule of Law (7)

Advancing and Sustaining Community Based Civic Activism

Democratic Transitions in the U.S. Political System

Improving GOI Responsiveness to Citizens’ Needs

State and Local Government

U.S. Air Transport Systems and the Modern Economy

Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness of Slovakia’s Judiciary

Class Action Lawsuits


Domestic & Foreign Policy Issues (11)

U.S. Best Practices in Inter-Country Adoption

Countering Violent Extremism

Linking Digital Policy to Cybercrime Law Enforcement

Strengthening Transatlantic Economic Ties through Trade

Towards a More Safe and Secure World

U.S. Foreign Policy Challenges II

Voices of Reason: Speaking Out Against Da’esh

U.S.-European Security Issues


U.S. Foreign Policy – Human Rights

Community Partnership to Counter Violent Extremism


Business and Entrepreneurship (13)

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development I/II

Change Makers – The Impact of Social Entrepreneurs

Promoting Innovation and Digital Economy Development

Diversity in Small Business Development

Women in Entrepreneurship

Emerging African Leaders – Entrepreneurs and Business Development

Sports Management and Sports as a Tool for Social Change in the U.S.

Change Makers: The Impact of Social Entrepreneurship in the U.S.

Entrepreneurship as the Engine of Prosperity

Social Entrepreneurship and Business for Social Change

Industrial Development and Economic Diversification

Improving the Ease of Doing Business

American Spaces and NGOs


Arts/Education (8)

Developing Academic Writing Centers

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

American Language English Teachers

Arts and Cultural Management

Promoting Social Change through the Arts

American English Instruction

American Libraries

Education for Refugee Girls and Other Vulnerable Populations